Relocation & Settling in

Housing Arrangements

Finding and organising an apartment/ a home for your needs. Includes help and advising regarding the lease agreement and deposit payment. 

Housing Contracts

Necessary contracts such as electrocity, home insurance etc. 

Arrival arrangements

Pick-up at the arrival time and transportation to wanted location. 


Picking up furniture's and essential items. Purchases are made by the customer. 

Banking Services

Help with needed services and opening a bank account. Organizing the appointment and transportation to the selected bank and back. 

Phone and Internet Contracts

Organizing phone and internet contracts. Includes transportation. 

Tax Card and Working Rights

Advising regarding Tax Card and working rights. 

Getting local

Getting to know your new hometown and what it has to offer (hobbies, culture etc.).  

Residence Permit 

Guidance for residence permit matters. This is only available for businesses.