What should you know about rental apartments when moving to Finland


If you're planning to move to Finland, here are few things you should know about Finnish rental apartments and rental agreements:

➡ Availability: In some towns rental apartments can be difficult to find due to high demand. You should start your search as early as possible.

➡ Rental agreements matter: You should always read them carefully.

➡ Termination: You can not just move out. You need to give notice to the landlord. The notice period is usually one calendar month. (Meaning give the notice by end of the month, move out end of next month). Check your notice time from the rental agreement.

➡ Deposit: It is paid in advance, and the amount of the deposit is usually one or two months' rent.

➡ Maintenance: Tenants are responsible for keeping the apartment in good condition. Landlords are responsible for major repairs and maintenance.

Pro tip 💡

Do not ask for discount from student accommodation companies. The prices do not change. You can ask for cheaper price from private apartment owners, but never after the rental agreement is signed.